Postcrossing and RAK

Today I sent some mail to my college friend– just a little note to say I’m thinking of her.  Now that we’re attending different universities, we don’t see each other too often.  I’m hoping it’ll brighten up her day!

I also sent out this handmade postcard– the first one I’m mailing through Postcrossing!  That’s pretty exciting… I can’t wait to get one in return.  Anyway, this is going to a gentleman in Germany.  I started making it before I was assigned anyone to send it to, so… I hope he doesn’t mind how pink it is!  But can’t everyone use a bit of pink once in a while?

Post Card 1

In other news, I found a bus pass yesterday lying on the ground near my apartment.  Luckily, each person’s phone number is on the back of the pass, so the man who dropped it got it back fairly quickly.

And more good vibes:  I got a decent grade on my math exam, plus one of my teachers gave me an 11/10 on an essay.  I don’t think that’s entirely possible, but I appreciate how enthusiastic she was in her feedback!

I’m planning on making more postcards tonight, so I should have pictures of those soon!





5 thoughts on “Postcrossing and RAK

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    This young lady is doing a great job in making this world a better place… each day is a journey into spreading kindness and compassion. Each little act of kindness touches the lives of others. This we must always remember. Cheers Lalumi! ❤

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