donating blood

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always disliked needles.  I’m not terrified and I don’t have horrible fears of them, but nobody enjoys being stuck with one, right?  Donating blood has always seemed like something I should do and could be doing, but I never wanted to do.  The thought of having something in my arm for any length of time made me shiver.

But two days ago, my roommate came home and said she was leaving to donate blood, and before I could process anything I was seated next to her on a bus to campus.  It seemed like a good opportunity- I’d be making a difference to whoever got it- but I was mildly terrified.  Or very terrified.  As my friend put it, “You’re being a bit overdramatic.”

Strangely enough, it didn’t hurt!  Pricking my finger to assess my hemoglobin actually hurt more than the process of donating blood.  And though some people can stay the maximum amount of time and only fill up half a bag, I filled mine completely in about 10 minutes (whoa… my blood was just rushing to get out of there).

Overall, I’m really glad I did it.  “Are you going to be this dramatic next time you go?” my friend asked me.  I emphatically nodded yes.  She thought I was joking, but honestly, the anticipation of it will probably freak me out every time.  I’ll still do it again, though!

On a different note, I’m sending out two surprise postcards tomorrow, in addition to a bunch of letters.  I completely forgot this, but I actually had a little pack of postcards I found when I went to Paris!  They’re super cute and vintage-y

.Postcards Paris

The rest of the letters are going to my family members.  I have an enormous family, and I made it my goal to send little notes throughout the year to say I’m thinking of them.  I bet the postman is wondering who I am… I’m sure most of the outgoing mail is from me!

Hope you’re all doing wonderfully well this weekend!




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