my day & some postcards

Something sweet:  Yesterday on the bus, a young woman apologized to me for having to squeeze in so close.  It gets so crowded around 3:30 that it’s impossible not to be in someone’s space, but I don’t mind.  We all have to deal with that at some point, so there’s no use in getting grumpy about it.  Anyway, we got off at the same place, and she ended up asking my name, which led to a short conversation…  We went our separate ways, but I know we’ll definitely talk if we see each other again.  I thought it was really interesting how that worked out– I don’t usually meet such friendly people on public transportation!

Other things:

I’m sending out two Postcrossing cards today.  The first is a movie still (Creature from the Black Lagoon), while the other I found at MissHoneyBird‘s Etsy shop.  One’s headed to Russia, the other to Germany… I hope they’re delivered sometime soon!

Postcrossing Postcard 2 Postcrossing Postcard

Later today I’ll be headed out to lunch with a friend… she’s going to give me a few tips for an interview that will follow this afternoon.  If I do well, I’ll be accepted into a program that would basically allow me to teach English in Ecuador for six weeks.  At the end of the course, I would earn a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate!  It’s a bit nerve-wracking… I primarily want to be an English as a Second/Foreign Language teacher, so having this experience under my belt would be amazing!  Wish me luck?

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!




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