incoming mail and sweet treats

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I received some mail from Stefany, a young German woman from Snail Mail Ideas.  I was the one who sent her an initial letter and she didn’t have to send anything back, but I’m really glad she did.  I never ended up getting mail from whoever was paired with me (maybe it was lost?  something went wrong?) so I was a bit disheartened.

Her mail really cheered me up!  It was so absolutely cute and I couldn’t stop smiling when I opened it.  Her handwriting is adorable and the card itself was very creative.  She included tea, a sweet letter, and a little wrapped package with some paper crafting things.  I absolutely love it!

StefanyLetter1 StefanyLetter2 StefanyLetter3

I’m working on a response already and I’ll send that out later.  I’m trying to go for a reddish theme… I like color-themed letters but don’t have the hang of it just yet.

In other news, I baked today!  I tutor two young girls on Thursdays and promised I would bring some treats along, since this is the last session before break.  I made cupcakes for one and cookies for the other… hopefully they’ll like them.  They’re both vegan, and even though I used completely new recipes, everything was delicious!  The cookies are buttery from coconut oil and the cupcakes smell so sweet and chocolatey… yum!

CupcakesNov20.2 CookiesNov20

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day!




2 thoughts on “incoming mail and sweet treats

  1. Oh your letter and goodies are so cute! Nothing better then finding something fun in the mail 🙂 I love when I read a letter and want to reply right away!


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