a great week

This last week was absolutely lovely, filled to the brim with little moments for me to rejoice in.  From visiting the beach to shopping with my rarely-seen family, I had a beautiful break.

The beach is one of my favorite places to be, and I miss it terribly every time I’m away.  Asking my dad to take me to the boardwalk should have been unsuccessful– it was cold and raining, so I thought he would put it off until winter break.  Surprisingly, he jumped right up and took me without comment or complaint, finding me his huge, yellow, waterproof fishing jacket and shuffling to the car in no time at all.


In little moments like that I remember how loving my father is– not so much in words, but certainly in actions.  And at the boardwalk, we encountered a few other silly people who decided rainy weather is the best weather to walk in– one who kindly took our photo and another who stopped us for a little chat.

Thanksgiving day was nice, too.  My uncle set aside a vegan batch of Chinese noodles for me… surprising, since I was told to bring my own food (corn chowder– it got many compliments!).  I’m incredibly grateful my family is accommodating of my veganism– they ask the stereotypical questions but never in a judging way, and are always willing to hear what I have to say.  A few of them even tell me how they’re cutting down on meat due to my influence– a trend I’m happy I started.

There are too many moments for me to recount, with friends I haven’t seen in months and little happenings with my family, so suffice it to say my trip back home was refreshing.  I hope the past week has been as lovely for all of you!

Coming back to uni, I was excited to check the mailbox– I spent a week away from home, so surely I had some letters waiting for me!  I did get a little something, as well as a lovely package from a Christmas exchange.  The letter was from Ary in the Dominican Republic– she was my partner for the Snail Mail Ideas swap!  I had given up hope of receiving anything, but it seems it just took a long time for the letter to be delivered (about 25 days… wow!).


The Christmas package was via The Postal Society, and it’s so pretty I haven’t finished opening it yet.  To be completely honest, I’m afraid to mess it up!  It’s simple and classy, two things I’d like to emulate for my next swap.

Her present was beautifully wrapped in black paper with a bright flower glued on top!
The package waw arranged so artfully!  Twine, candy, a stocking filled with ribbon, a wax and a seal with my initial,  and sparkling red and green clothespins.
The package was arranged so artfully! Twine, candy, a stocking filled with ribbon, wax and a seal with my initial, and sparkling red and green clothespins.
This is how I want to wrap packages for the rest of ever.

One last thing that made my weekend- I visited Barns and Noble and found three magazines that are so completely in line with my interests, I’m annoyed I’ve never seen them before.


Flow is a magazine for paper lovers, filled with fun and practical articles on everyday life.  It’s extremely cute and I know I’m going to cut things out to add to my mail.   This particular edition contained a small “happiness journal” and a sample of 4 huge pieces of beautiful paper to craft with.

The Indie Chick is a magazine for the self-empowerment of women and has articles I actually want to read, as well as pictures of real women instead of perfect, photoshopped models.  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed so a magazine so much in a long, long time.


Finally, Bella Grace, a beautiful publication with amazing photography and essay-like writing is focused on capturing magic in an authentic life.  It’s extremely inspirational and so pretty to look at!  How lucky am I to have found all three of these delightful magazines at random?


That was my week!  I don’t think I’ve been so relaxed and content in a long time.  Although finals are coming up, I’ve got an “I can conquer all!” feeling.  How was your week?




9 thoughts on “a great week

  1. While I’m not normally one to sit and flip through magazines (I’ve lived in Sweden most my life and they’re SO expensive there) these all sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Flow, and been considering seeking it out. And I absolutely love the idea beehind Indie Chick!

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    1. Flow was expensive, 20 USD, but it was worth it to me. There were a few inserts, and some of the paper was fantastic quality that you could rip out and craft with. Plus, it was just great to read the articles. 🙂 And Indie Chick is basically that magazine I wish for when flipping through Vogue or Cosmo. It’s fantastic.

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