this past week

Hi, everyone!

It’s been busy!  Exams, essays… well, that’s pretty much been it.  But it gets so stressful towards the end of the semester– you’re looking forward to going home, but first you have to push past the final three weeks of cumulative tests.

Even so, there have been some sweet moments in my week.  While I was studying in the library the other day, I met an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a while.  We both picked an extremely obscure corner, surrounded by books and away from people, so it’s strange (but wonderful!) that we found each other!  Then only three days later, I found another old friend– one who stopped me and made plans to go to a movie.  Those connections really brightened my day.

I went to Barns and Nobles later in the week and bought a book I’m really loving:  How to Think like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova.  It has tips on being more observant and mindful so we can be more like Holmes than Watson.  So far it’s really interesting.  I wonder if I can hone my mind like the great detective?

Another lovely thing: I found two letters in my mailbox on Sunday!  One from a Christmas swap and another from my pen pal.  I was so happy to see both of them.  Overall I received tea, some crafting things, and even a pretty silver bracelet.  It made my day.  An e-mail a day later told me I have some mail from my campers…  I looked after them when I was a counselor a few short weeks ago.  I can pick up the letters tomorrow!  I spent almost a straight week with them, so when they left I couldn’t help but cry… I’m happy they sent me something.

From my pen pal- filled with lots of goodies!
From my pen pal- filled with lots of goodies!

Now for a kind of embarrassing thing: I set off the fire alarm.  Twice.  Two nights in a row.  We managed to get the alarm to stop by opening windows and batting at the air with pillows for circulation…  I’m glad no one’s called to ask what we’re doing!  My friends must think I have some sinister stuff going on.

As for today, I have my little act of kindness planned: there’s a certain class that only meets on Tuesdays, and today is our last lesson.  I’m bringing a card and little bag of candy to my teacher.  She’s been incredibly inspirational throughout this semester and because of her class, I now know that teaching is definitely the career I want to get into.

I like to make little goodie bags tied with ribbon and a bell... I hand them out before Christmas!  These are for my teacher and TA.
I like to make little goodie bags tied with ribbon and a bell… I hand them out before Christmas! These are for my teacher and TA.

Wow!  I had originally thought there wouldn’t be much to talk about, but this just goes to show me… even if I don’t think life has been particularly extraordinary, it probably has been in subtler ways.

I hope you all have a lovely day!




3 thoughts on “this past week

  1. Good luck with finals! We can do this! Last push!
    I’ve actually read parts of that book at Barnes and Nobles too. Sometimes, I just want to wind down so I go to the closest bookstore and just read in a little corner. Sadly, I haven’t been practicing its doctrines…it’s hard to always be mindful >_<

    I can't believe you set off the fire alarm! Twice too. What were you doing? Roasting marshmallows 😉


  2. Love the mail you got! I need to do something like that for my penpals (or get some more, hahah) and I did something similar with a professor and she was really shocked! Was yours? I think that it’s not something that tends to happen in college, but I’m glad some of us are still doing it!

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