they miss me!

In October, I took part in a program that made me into a counselor.  I missed a week of class, was surrounded by lakes and mountains, slept in a cabin, did not have access to phones or the internet… it was one of the most amazing weeks of the semester.

As a counselor, I was tasked not only with teaching, but also with looking after 8 girls who slept in my cabin. I recently picked up some letters they wrote me, and they were incredibly sweet!  (By the way, my nature name for that week was Thyme.  Cute, no?)

one of the many things included in my letter bundle
one of the many things included in my letter bundle

Nothing boosts your self esteem like a bunch of little girls telling you how nice, kind, or pretty you are.  Although there were a lot of sad faces with tears on their letters… I guess they really wanted to break my heart?  Seriously, though, I miss them a bunch and I’m planning on writing them back.  I can have my letters sent to their school to be distributed… Hopefully it’ll make them smile!

PostcrossingI received this lovely postcard from China.  It’s the first time something from anywhere but Russia or Germany has been sent to me, so I was really excited to see it!  Hopefully I’ll be getting more cards from around the world.

In other news, my roommates and I held a secret santa last night.  It was so much fun!  I wish I had taken pictures of the gift I gave, because I was pretty proud of it.  It’s nice opening a gift made of a lot of little things, and my friend definitely seemed to agree with me.  In the end, she had tea, chocolate, candles, and a handmade booklet full of quotes to inspire her.

My gift was a thoughtful basket full of delicious candles, lotions, and a jar full of sweet notes.  I could tell my friend put a lot of time into it!

Overall I’ve had a good week.  What about all of you?




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