art, mail, and more

I like to make mail when I procrastinate.  I know there are exams to study for, but I’d much rather make something fun for my pen pals in New York and Denmark.

Here’s something that I sent to Iben.  This is my first letter to her, so I wanted to make a good impression.   I thought a calming blue would be nice to send off.  It seems like she’s been having a hard time lately, so maybe this will cheer her up!


The next one is for Jessie in the Bronx.  I got the idea for her letter from something a penpal sent me.  You basically tape flashcards together and fold them like an accordion.  I embellished, of course, so it would look a little nicer.  I really like how this comes out– it’s easy to make but looks oh-so-cool!


Both of them have a little package in which I placed tea, some stickers, and stamp cut-outs.  I hope they both enjoy the mail… it’ll be a nice surprise right before the holidays.

Right now, I’m working on a letter to a pen pal in Chicago.  I’m almost done putting everything together– I just want to decorate things a bit.  Because she’s an artsy person I wanted to include something nice, and because I was procrastinating I made plenty of time to complete this piece of art.


I’m proud of it!  I used to do things like this when I played around with my visual journal.  I’m thinking I should start it up again– it’s so much fun.  It can be hard to make something when you’re faced with a blank page, and in the process I always feel like it needs something “more”… but then, BAM!  I get an idea and it really takes off.  I like being able to send things like this. I think I’ll do it more often.

I also got a bit of mail myself.  This beautiful card (with a 3-page addendum)  was sent from my cousin.  I love the bird stationary!  It was a bit unexpected and so sweet of her… it really made my day.


Exams are almost finished… I only have one more tomorrow morning, then I’ll be off!  I can hardly wait to go home and see my family.  This week has been pretty stressful, but there have been a lot of good things to balance it out.

How are all of you?  What are you looking forward to this week?




13 thoughts on “art, mail, and more

    1. Haha that’s so sweet of you to say! I feel like I’m not too creative, either, but after a while of doing this I’ve sort of found my own style. It helps to find inspiration in other’s works! You can totally make things like this. 🙂

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