tea, yoga, and semester stress

I haven’t made a blog post in the longest time!  It’s no wonder why, though, when I look back at the past three weeks.

My schedule is a little bit hectic. Somedays when I get home, the only thing I want to do is watch Netflix (to the chagrin, I’m sure, of my various pen pals).  Seven classes is more than I’ve taken before, especially between the reading as well as the weekly academic blog posts!  But I’m not going to say anything else lest I venture into the territory of complaints– I love the course material too much to start hating the overall workload.

I found the time to make delicious chocolate-chip-banana pancakes… my roommates told me this is the best batch I’ve ever made! (Recipe from the PPK.)

And even though I’ve felt a little overwhelmed these first few weeks, I’ve still found an abundance of things to be grateful for.  One of my roommates and I have been able to spend more time together due to coinciding schedules, and as a result, we’ve grown much closer.  I’ve developed better sense of time management and organization out of necessity– keeping track of so many classes is no easy feat!  And in spite of all the work, I’m forcing myself to go to my college’s Tea Club to socialize and meet others with the same interest.

About that Tea Club:  can you imagine sitting in a cozy room for a few hours with phenomenal people, sipping six different kinds of expensive tea– for free?  That’s what it is.  And yes, it’s amazing.  I’m learning the proper steps in the Chinese tea ceremony, too, which really impressed my dad.  He wants to grab a proper set so I can brew for him and the family!

Anyway, these past few weeks have really made me think about my outlook on life and how I deal with stress.  I’m generally an easy-going person, but my workload has been trying.  In order to calm myself down, I’ve been practicing a bit of yoga and meditation.  I find it really helps me center myself and regain my focus.  That, and it gives my mind and body a break from the academia that surrounds me!

I sent this a while back– other than Netflix, crafting is my go-to for relaxation. This is probably one of my favorites letters I’ve sent!

The beginner yoga I scoffed at is actually quite difficult if you’re not used to moving your muscles in those ways.  It forces you to slow down and concentrate on your body and balance.  And mindfulness meditation is something I’ve done and loved– but it’s a woefully underutilized tool in my arsenal.  I need to get back in to the habit because it really makes a difference in my day!

Now that winter is in full swing over here, it’s more important than ever to keep a positive outlook on life.  If I don’t, I’ll be metaphorically buried under assigned readings.  And the snow that threatens to slip me up every time I step outside.

How have your weeks been?  How do you approach dealing with stress?  Do tell!

Hope your days have been absolutely lovely!

– lumii


8 thoughts on “tea, yoga, and semester stress

  1. When I’m stressed with work I find that the best way to relieve in is to delve into a good book. The kind where you can really lose yourself in the story. I guess it’s my way of detaching myself from whats going on around me!

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    1. Reading a good book works wonders! Lately I’ve been reading a lot of psychology-based stuff, and while that doesn’t give me an “escape,” per se, it does give me a fascinating concept to consider. In that way, I still get a nice distraction!
      What kinds of books do you usually go for?

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      1. For an escape, I find the best books are easy, teen or young adult fictions because I never have to pause or read over a sentence, I just dive right in and don’t come up for air 😛


      2. But yes, reading will work wonders, and even if I’m not stressed, I try to read a bit every day because I think it’s always pretty relaxing, maybe because our brains are all over the place all day, but reading enables it to focus down onto one thing a bit. I’ve recently discovered an interest in biographies and historical fiction. What kind of psychology based stuff are you reading?


  2. Sounds like you’ve been keeping really busy! January’s been a pretty intense month for me too, and February isn’t looking much calmer. Taking a few hours to craft helps manage it, or whipping together a quick cake -there’s something about having created something tangible that helps you feel accomplished in a way that no number of articles read can. I agree with Tara above about the virtues of a to do list, when I’m super busy I make and follow them dogmatically, lol.

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    1. Crafting definitely helps, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who stress-bakes! Creating tangible things definitely makes me feel like I’m progressing (so does crossing things off my to-do list). I hope February, while stressful, is still wonderful for you!

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    1. I feel like the stress was flying all around. I’m glad that a to-do list helps you out with that, though. I’ve been using one lately (through an iPod app) and it’s great!


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