Friends, Galaxies, and Surprises

I’ve been obsessed with galaxies recently.  Well, I always have been, but my obsession has renewed in recent days!

A while back, I found the time to do a little late-night crafting.  Inspired by some Pinterest photos and Youtube tutorials, I tried my hand at making starry envelopes.

I didn’t take a before photo, but the after shot is pretty nice:

Galaxy Envelopes

Everything there, besides the black envelope itself, was hand-painted.  I liked messing with colors to make something that actually resembled clouds of dust and gas.  The stars, in particular, were fun– I used a toothbrush to flick watered-down paint on the envelopes.  They look great overall, although I think I could use more practice.  And some other colors would look nice… green and blue, perhaps?

I also painted a galaxy mug this past weekend with an old friend.  In fact, two of my high school friends made the long trip to visit me, and I couldn’t have been happier.  I showed them around my pretty college town, where we ate ice cream, visited shops, and walked a lot.  It would have been nicer in a few weeks… it still feels and looks like winter here.  Despite that, I think they had a good time!

Here you can see the red and blue (oh, the glare!).
The inside was bluer with lots of little stars!

Now for a funny story:  the other day, I found a plush chair in one of the university buildings and sat down for lunch.  Not even ten minutes after, one of my professors walked up to me.  He oversees an online class and we’ve only met once or twice in person, so it was a pleasant surprise.  After some polite greetings, he took the chair next to mine and moved our things closer so we could talk.

This was a bit confusing, but I just rolled with it.  Then he asked after an assignment I turned in– and though I was puzzled, I answered his (rather ambiguous) questions.  Since I turned in the assignment late, I thought he might be giving me some kind of special attention or advice… but then he started talking about my paper in such a way that I wondered if I was really the one who wrote it.

After about five minutes of back-and-forth, with me thinking all the while that I had some kind of memory problem, I realized that the paper he had pulled up on his laptop wasn’t mine.  It belonged to another student from the online class who happens to look a bit like me.  It turns out that she was supposed to meet him in that exact spot at that exact time– talk about coincidences!  The whole thing was so funny I just had to laugh.

So do any of you have funny professor stories?  Do share!

Hope your weeks have been going well!


9 thoughts on “Friends, Galaxies, and Surprises

    1. You’re right! I can see the Dr. Who in there. : ) Also, I like your color suggestions. I’ll have to try them out!
      Once we sorted out the confusion, he had to fly. The girl he was actually suppossed to meet with must have been waiting for him! He hasn’t said anything since,though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. No funny professor stories, but I like yours! 🙂 How did he react when you sorted out the confusion?? 😛 I also like the galaxy stuff! My husband has been really into stars and faraway galaxies lately, I should make him something like this! And as for colours..what about very light pink, vivid violet and white? I think that could be lovely! Oh and with a splash of turquoise in there!


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